Thank you from Aidan Vyn

Dear Congregation Ahavas Israel,

I would like to thank all of the people who donated food, wish list items, and money to Kids’ Food Basket for my Bar Mitzvah project. We collected 110 pounds of food and over $600, which was WAY more than I expected! I really appreciate your generosity and support! Thank you. 

-Aidan Vyn


Congratulation to all those who worked in Ahavas Israel’s Corners of the Field Garden, especially to Allyson Cole-Strauss and Mary Kaneti from Temple Emanuel. We distributed fresh produce to the Temple Emanuel Food Bank and the Baxter Community Center.


Making Choices Michigan

No one can predict when a sudden illness or accident may occur, leaving a person unable to make personal healthcare decisions. Currently, far too many people enter the last stage of life without ever having a conversation about their preferences for end-of-life care, documenting those preferences, and informing loved ones or a patient advocate of their desires. When you cannot speak for your self, the health system’s default is to provide every treatment available to extend life. The alternative is a reliable, documented plan called an Advance Directive.
When your wishes for care are known and have been honored, surviving family members experience significantly less anxiety, stress and depression. Thus, making your health care choices known is a gift that gives beyond one’s death.
Making Choices Michigan, established in 2010, is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit community collaborative committed to helping people determine their end-of-life preferences, documenting those preferences in an advance directive (AD), developing a system for storing and retrieving the AD, and educating the healthcare community to honor a person’s AD to ensure that end-of-life preferences are respected. Congregation Ahavas Israel is an active participant in an interfaith outreach program of Making Choices Michigan. For more information, please contact Making Choices Michigan at 421-4840 or Sandy Freed at 540-2030. There is no charge for this service which provides you with a legal, reliable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Living Will.
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